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What's Up With All Those C-30 Survey Crews?

Published on October 30, 2007 by Sherri Dodsworth under Cape San Blas, Port St. Joe, Real Estate

Surveyors Along C-30If you’ve driven along C-30 between the Cape and Simmons Bayou lately, you’ve no doubt noticed the inordinate number of survey crews lining the sides of the road. I’ve had a number of e-mails and calls from folks wondering what’s going on so I decided to check it out.

Turns out there’s two separate projects going on, one public, one private. Preble Rish has crews over by Country Club Road (just east of Presnell’s) surveying for installation of sewer lines for the new subdivision there, Shallow Reed.

The other crews are further west not far from the old Treasure Bay Lodge which now houses the Buffer Preserve folks. They told me the Florida Department of Transportation is getting ready to replace the two little bridges along that stretch. I asked if there are plans to widen any portion of the road but they didn’t know.

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