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Back To Normal

Published on September 2, 2008 by Sherri Dodsworth under Beach Renourishment, Cape San Blas, FEMA, Forgotten Coast, Indian Pass, Port St. Joe

Sorry, kids – you’re going back to school today. Cape San Blas Road is re-opened and once again traffic is passing through Stumphole.

Overall I think the beach looks good, admittedly there was ersosion but it could have been much, much, worse. Here’s the latest update from the beach restoration website blog posted at 9 a.m.:

The conditions have been calm since the passage of Gustov. This is great considering that entire beach was under water. Once the swells past things improved quickly. Manson’s tugboat “Dietz” is heading out first thing this morning to check on our sublines and hookups.

The Bayport left the safe waters of Tampa yesterday around 4:00 p.m. The return trip will take 25-30 hours. I expect them sail in to the St.Joe Company Dock and perform the necessary repairs on the port drag arm before returning to dredging operations. During the dredge repairs the Bull Gang will check the offshore float hose assemblies to determine if they are ready for service after the storm.

At this time all of the beach equipment has weathered the storm and the beach crew should be ready to go back to work when the dredge returns.

The Manson Crew will need to re-assemble all of the shorepipe and re-install grade stakes before beach fill placement can resume.

Today or early tomorrow we will get a better look at the beach to determine impacts from the storm.

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