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Cape San Blas Real Estate Week in Review - July 24-31, 2021

Published on July 30, 2021 by Sherri Dodsworth under Cape San Blas

For Sale Sold Sign  We had a fair amount of activity this week but we’re seeing indications rising prices are starting to meet with a bit of resistance. I’ve heard of several contracts recently where the appraisals came in below contract price, the sellers dug in on their prices and buyers walked away.

This week we closed seven sales and wrote up twelve new contracts, but of those only one was a house, even though our housing inventory is increasing, meaning more for buyers to select from than there has been for awhile. Sellers added ten new listings (four houses and six lots) and made four price changes, half of which were price increases. Our inventory shed one, closing the week at 116, with 31 houses and 85 lots listed for sale in the Cape San Blas, Indian Pass and C-30 Corridor market.

Georgia heads back to school next week which usually results in our market slowing down considerably, so that’s going to be something to keep an eye on. We still need inventory, so if you’re interested in selling, let me know and I’ll help you get started.  Simply call or text me at 850-227-5197 or drop a note to [email protected]  Have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by today. Hope to hear from you soon.

Reminder – If you would like to read this with the links to the various listings, I can only email them to you now with our new MLS which I’ll be glad to do. Just let me know by sending me a request to [email protected] and I’ll set you up to receive my blog post with the links each week. Also, if you have been regularly receiving the blog with links and it suddenly stopped, please let me know as I am still sending it to you but for some reason some weeks ago a number of readers stopped receiving it and I need to see if I can figure out why that is. 

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