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August 16, 2009

Cape San Blas Real Estate Market Week in Review – August 8-14, 2009
Maybe it’s all the rain we’ve had, but suddenly buyers are mushrooming all over the place. I feel like I’ve time travelled back to 2004 when it seemed we were cranking out contracts 24/7. This week I’ve had back to back to back appointments for showing property, which is why ...

October 18, 2008

Cape San Blas Real Estate Week In Review – October 11-17, 2008
If you weren’t lucky enough to be on the Cape this week you missed one of the prettiest weeks of the year. The weather couldn’t be more perfect: crystal blue skies, highs around 78 or 80, relatively low humidity and gentle breezes. Mark your calendar: October is a great time ...

August 16, 2008

Cape San Blas Real Estate Week In Review – August 9-15, 2008
It’s been a rainy, soggy week along the Forgotten Coast, and with Miss Fay cruising through the Caribean this morning it looks as if we’re in for yet another rainy week. The rain didn’t dampen interest in people looking for coastal real estate, though, as we have three new contracts, ...